Edis Tatli, Robert Helenius; Boxing Night Olavinlinna LIVE STREAM on ISTV!

In Savonlinna, Olavinlinna’s beautiful estrado will be home on Saturday, August 11, 2018, with a high level of boxing with Edis Tatli’s main event. ISTV shows the evening live.
An opponent of Finnish Edis Tatli is the Spanish “Frank” La Ley “Urquiaga , who has won all 12 professional matches he has played .
Streams will only appear 10 minute before the start of the match.

The Olavinlinna ring road is long, as the program has nine games, the first four being amateur bouts and the remaining five professional matches. Robert Helenius is also a heavyweight member .

ISTV’s free-to-air broadcast evening will open in the video box above in good time before the first match. Janne Romppainen is the editor of the post, and the expert commentator is a former professional champion, European Champion Amin Asikainen .

★19:00: Match 1. Muhamed Abdilrasoon vs  Santeri Laine
★19:20: Match 2. Krenar Aliu vs Lucian Kühne
★19:40: Match 3. Arslan Khataev  vs Fidaim Brahimi
★20:00: Match 4. Ilari Kujala vs Malik Karadag
★20:30: Match 5. Nourdeen Toure  s  Isaac Benitez
★21:00: Match 6. Oskari Metz vs  Miguel Aguilar
★21:45: Match 7. Jose Sanchez vs Jose Hernandez
★22:30: Match 8. Robert Helenius vs Juri Bihautsou
★23:00 : Match 9.  Edis Tatli vs Frank Urquiaga  Lightweight EM Match / EBU Lightweight Title Fight

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