Edis Tatli, Robert Helenius; Boxing Night Olavinlinna LIVE STREAM on ISTV!

In Savonlinna, Olavinlinna’s beautiful estrado will be home on Saturday, August 11, 2018, with a high level of boxing with Edis Tatli’s main event. ISTV shows the evening live.
An opponent of Finnish Edis Tatli is the Spanish “Frank” La Ley “Urquiaga , who has won all 12 professional matches he has played .
The Olavinlinna ring road is long, as the program has nine games, the first four being amateur bouts and the remaining five professional matches. Robert Helenius is also a heavyweight member .

ISTV’s free-to-air broadcast evening will open in the video box above in good time before the first match. Janne Romppainen is the editor of the post, and the expert commentator is a former professional champion, European Champion Amin Asikainen .

Streams will only appear 10 minute before the start of the match.
★19:00: Match 1. Muhamed Abdilrasoon vs  Santeri Laine
★19:20: Match 2. Krenar Aliu vs Lucian Kühne
★19:40: Match 3. Arslan Khataev  vs Fidaim Brahimi
★20:00: Match 4. Ilari Kujala vs Malik Karadag
★20:30: Match 5. Nourdeen Toure  s  Isaac Benitez
★21:00: Match 6. Oskari Metz vs  Miguel Aguilar
★21:45: Match 7. Jose Sanchez vs Jose Hernandez
★22:30: Match 8. Robert Helenius vs Juri Bihautsou
★23:00 : Match 9.  Edis Tatli vs Frank Urquiaga  Lightweight EM Match / EBU Lightweight Title Fight