Helenius – Bykhautsou Boxing , rematch, 8 rounds, heavyweights

Former heavyweight contender Robert Helenius (26-2, 16 KOs) will be fighting an eight round rematch against 31-year-old journeyman Yury Bykhautsou (10-16-3, 5 KOs) on August 11 at the Opera Stage in Olavinlinna, in Savonlinna, Finland.

At Savonlinna, Finland:

Streams will only appear 10 minute before the start of the match.
  • Edis Tatli vs. Frank Urquiaga, 12 rounds, for Tatli’s European lightweight title
  • Robert Helenius vs. Yury Bykhautsou, rematch, 8 rounds, heavyweights

In a big surprise, the 34-year-old Helenius barely squeaked by Bykhautsou in defeating him by an 8 round split decision last March in Estonia. This was supposed to have been an easy fight for Helenius, but it turned out to be a much harder one than expected.

Helenius is taking his career backwards to face Bykhautsou a second time seemingly to try and improve on the performance from the first fight.

Helenius – Bykhautsou stream . See Yury  Bykhautsou against Robert Helenius on Saturday 11 August 2018 . Every Robbe fan is forced to look at this one-sided boxing match in Estonia at the Yakuza Fight Bridge. On Saturday, Finns can watch online for free on the web.